Where to go for the holidays?
Tom and I thought about lots of possible destinations—Madrid, Prague, Portugal, Iceland. But when Tom said, "Let's go to Naples," I knew exactly where I wanted to go! Although we only had a week (far too short to really appreciate the destination), I regarded this trip as preparation for a longer future visit. Plus, when I think about the places in the world I would most like to see, top of the list has long been Pompeii. At last, I might finally get to see one of my key world sites.

DeGaulle Aiport, Paris

We left Chicago on Saturday, Dec. 27, on American Airlines. We had a 3-hour layover in Paris at DeGaulle airport, where we switched to Alitalia for the flight on to Naples Capodichino Airport.

Terminal, DeGaulle
View out window on Alitalia The flight on Alitalia went very smoothly— except that security in Paris still had our luggage (it was finally delivered on Tuesday).
As promised, we were met at the airport by the very affable Umberto Benvenuto, of Benvenuto Limos. He waited patiently while we worked out our luggage snafu, then gave us a calming, scenic ride to our home base, Sorrento. Tasso Square, downtown Sorrento

Welcome to Sorrento