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Files used in various courses, including Microsoft Office, Law School training, and Photoshop

General Class Handouts

Word Document for Basic Class

Access Books Database

Word 03 handout (doc)

Word 07 handout (pdf)

Current Word 2010 handout (pdf)

Excel 03 handout (doc)

Excel 07 handout (pdf)

Current Excel 2010 handout (pdf)

PowerPoint 03 handout

PowerPoint 07 handout (pdf)

Current PowerPoint 2010 handout (pdf)

Current Outlook 2010 handout (pdf)

Law/Legal Docs

Law School Sample Case Brief Summary

Legal Pleading Templates/TofC

Tables of Authority

Fifth Circuit Sample Appellant Cover

Dunlop Cover

Hartzler Cover

Digital Images

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Big View 2


PowerUp Presentation